Well just to begin, below is a testimonial written by one of my clients and is a perfect example of how wonderful Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be…

When I first visited Mandy, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I was struggling at the time with so many issues that I thought it would be worth trying. I therefore arranged my initial consultation

At the time I was struggling so much with life…a break-up, feeling depressed and anxious and suffering with terrible insomnia. I really did not know what I would achieve from the sessions and felt that no-one could really help me.  During this first meeting, Mandy explained about how the brain works and it was like a light bulb moment. I told her I felt like I was always battling with myself and my negative thoughts – that I felt trapped by my own brain. Her explanation of the brain made perfect sense! I had always had very low confidence and huge social anxiety issues and would stop myself doing things I wanted to do, as I would come up with hundreds of ways it could go horrifically wrong, so I would just avoid the situation completely. I told her what I would like to achieve, if at all possible, would be to have the ability to have more control of my mind and settle it down and to not be ruled by constant negative thoughts. Mandy explained that the hypnotherapy was positive and more focused on solutions for the future rather than looking backwards into my past.

I can honestly say it has changed my life in so many ways. I would never have believed I could just go to bed and go to sleep, it’s something I have never been able to do.

Alongside the therapy I had begun driving lessons with the hope of finally being able to drive, having previously failed due to having such bad anxiety. When it came to the day of my driving test, I felt calm and relaxed about it. I actually looked forward to taking the test and was so happy when I passed.

I no longer beat myself up with anxiety over everything, I feel so much calmer in my mind and I feel more in control now.  Even when things go wrong or I have a bad day, it just doesn’t seem to bother me as much anymore. I feel more confident in myself and in my self-worth as a person.  I no longer feel I am holding myself back or stopping myself from doing things. Now, if I want to go somewhere or do something, I just do it. I have more control of my mind for the first time in my life and its bliss. Simple things people take for granted like, interacting with others… I am now able to do without a thought.

Since my therapy with Mandy, I feel the change has been phenomenal, my confidence has grown so much. Absolutely life changing! I cannot recommend her highly enough… Thank you so much Mandy!



Research shows us that when we dwell on our problems, continually going over them in our minds and analysing them, we just feel worse. In addition, our subconscious and primitive mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination and it stores fears and anxieties, causing us to get stuck in a rut and preventing us from moving forward and getting on with our lives.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a very positive experience, encouraging change, which the client can evaluate the effectiveness of, for themselves.   We look at what the client wants to achieve (the solution) rather than at whatever prompted them to seek help (the problem).

Our aim is to look at what your life would look like if you were coping better with the challenges you have. We work together on achieving small goals which will enable you to get to where you want to be.  It also recognises that each person is unique and the therapy is therefore specific to individual needs.

In my practice, I offer hypnotherapy sessions in a relaxed and safe environment.  I love helping people to achieve their goals, it is so rewarding to witness the positive and often life changing impact hypnotherapy has on them.

Our first session is the Initial Consultation. This session is a great way for us to get to know each other and to discuss the reasons why you’re seeking support. We will also discuss your goals and best hopes for moving forward in your life. It is also a good opportunity to ask any questions about the process, so that you can feel comfortable and informed about what will happen and how it will help.

I will explain how the brain works, how we experience emotions in the way that we do and how these can affect us and our habits. This will give you a better understanding of how hypnotherapy will help you and sometimes even before any therapy begins, will inspire positive change. Clients often find this session very helpful and puts their mind at ease.

At the end of the Initial Consultation I will give you a relaxation recording to listen to (either as a CD or sent as an online copy). This can be used in between your sessions and will help you relax and reinforce the benefits of your hypnotherapy.

Our subsequent hypnotherapy sessions will start off with me asking you about your week. I will encourage you to express yourself positively and we will discuss whether you have noticed or made any changes in your life that are helping you to move nearer to your goals.  Following this we will do some revision of the brain and how it relates to your experiences. I will also ask you to consider your preferred future, for instance, what would be better if the problem had improved, what would have changed. This will enable your solutions to become more apparent and give you goals to work towards.

The second half of these sessions is where you will experience hypnosis, which in itself reduces anxiety. You will be invited to quietly relax on a couch and I will guide you gently into a relaxed state, where you can enjoy resting in a daydream-like trance.

Your mind can then focus and reflect on the things that will have been discussed during the session. You will still be-able to hear and be aware of noises and things happening around you, but you will be less interested in them.  Have you ever been so pre-occupied reading a book or watching your favourite TV programme, that you have been unaware of time ticking by? This is very similar to hypnotic trance. It is a bit like chilling out on the sofa and listening to some relaxing music or a good story.  You will feel as if you are deeply relaxed and in a daydreaming state of mind.  In this state, you will have access to your sub-conscious mind, at the same time as being able to maintain the link to your conscious mind. New ideas and patterns of thought are then able to enter the sub-conscious, allowing your mind to become open to helpful suggestions and your own inner thoughts.  The hypnosis process will start with me using a progressive muscle relaxation that helps you relax your body, then followed by visualisation that will specifically help you and your subconscious to make the necessary changes. Metaphor is also used at the end of the trance session to help continue the process of suggestion. I will guide you gently back to full awareness, where you will be feeling calm and refreshed.

Just to be clear and for your own peace of mind, clinical hypnotherapy is not the same as stage hypnosis. Hypnosis does not involve us as therapists taking control of your mind, no-one can hypnotise you against your will.  You will be in complete control. You will not be asked to do anything that you do not want to do. Your brain will not let you do this, your subconscious mind will simply reject any suggestion that is inappropriate for you. Your hypnosis that you experience in my practice is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, clients have commented on how soothing and peaceful it is.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be very effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders, phobias, low mood and the effects of depression, as well as many other issues. Provided you are willing to make changes to the way you think, the therapy can be highly effective in relieving the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

If you would like to find out more about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, or to book an Initial Consultation, please get in touch.

If you change your thinking…you change your life…

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